1. Sharon

    Hello Thabo. Like you, I am not a fan of gossiping. I would rather stay away from people. By myself, listening to good old songs, the late ’80s – early ’90s.

    So I say, Thank you for the music, the songs you’re sharing. Thank you all the stress relieving methods. Sounds like ABBA…;-)

    Good day!

    • Hello Sharon,

      It’s always nice to hear from you.
      I agree with you, especially about music being a good way to relieve stress. Thanks for checking in. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.


  2. Rose

    Love this! What a great idea for a post. I have always liked laughter as my “hack” for dealing with stress. I’m probably dating myself, but one of my favorite comedians is Flip Wilson. I just saw his “Ugly Baby” routine the other day on the internet and it made me howl. Funny guy. On the opposite end is dealing with stress by crying. I found the bit about “emotional tears” really interested. As I have always expected, more men would probably have less heart attacks if they cried more. As a matter of fact, I’m going to save this post and show it to some male members of my family. Oh yes, I can’t close without mentioning “Holly Holy” by Neil Diamond. I love this song, and it brings back so many good memories. Thank you so much for reminding me of this great man’s music.

    • Hello Rose,
      The “Ugly Baby” Routine by flip Wilson is incredibly funny, and a great showcase of how laughter can relieve stress. You are right, of course, that laughter has the power to heal and make us feel better. The opposite of laughter, crying, also can heal us. Like you I intrigued by the information on “emotional tears”. Apparently, these are the tears that carry toxins and our body needs to get rid off. When we are unable to get rid of enough of these toxins it can lead to us getting sicker. That’s why it’s no accident that most men who don’t cry, or resist the urge to release their pain by crying, have more health problems than women. Yes, I love “Holly Holy” by Neil Diamond also. Thanks for checking in.

  3. Steve

    I think that when you become more self-aware of what what kind of things are good stress busters for you, then you’re more likely to be happier and live a healthier life. I know that for myself when I feel that I’m in a funk, listening to my favorite song always lifts my spirit. Sometimes watching a good dose of comedy on TV–like reruns of “The Honeymooners”– always works for me. Nice job on this post.

    • Hi Steve,
      I think listening and humming to your favorite song is a great stress buster. You also can’t go wrong with “a good dose of comedy”, and I agree with you about “The Honeymooners”. It remains on of my favorite situation comedy. Thanks for checking in.

  4. Courtney

    Thanks for this fun post. It’s interesting that things that once were considered bad habits such as gossip and chewing gum are today looked at as good stress-busters. It makes me feel better about all the times I get together with my girl pals and we talk about the latest gossip. Who knew we were doing something healthy? Seriously, though, I think as long as you engage in non malicious banter you feel like you’re part of the community, part of there scene, and I can see how this can help you boast your self-esteem. Hey, great Neil Damond Song. Listened to the whole thing and loved it. Very effective way to end your post.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Courtney. I think there is a lot of rethinking about what helps us become less stressful. Of course things such as listening to your favorite song has always been known as a great stress buster. However, it wasn’t until recently that psychologist and other mental health specialist discovered that non malicious gossip was helpful in reducing stress and building community ties. Yes, I love “Holly Holy” by Neil Diamond.Thanks for checking in.

  5. Rose

    Hi Thabo,
    Thanks for another fun post. Well, I would have to say that for me a great stress buster is to listen to Upbeat Music. Stop what you are doing and really listen to your favorite song would be my advice for anyone who is feeling stressed out. It always works for me.

  6. Carol

    Great idea for a post. I like all the “hacks” that you discussed, but I was surprised that you left out laughter or didn’t go much into it. I think a good belly laugh has always been a great way to relieve stress. What do you think?

    • Hi Carol,
      Good call. You’re right that laughter has always been a good stress buster. I just might go back and include that in the post. It’s readers like you that keep me on my toes about your needs. Thanks for checking in.

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