Frequently Asked Questions


What Can Cause Back Pain?
Back Pain is still something of a mystery. It can start gradually or come on you swiftly. Most people suffer pain in the lower back, which includes the lumbar  (waist level and below) and sacral (just above the tailbone) levels of the spine. Sometimes your muscles will go into spasm because of a weak core. You can strain a ligament by carrying excessively heavy loads.You can also sprain your back by sudden twist of the spine or incorrect lifting technique.
What Should I First do to Manage The Pain?
You can take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drug like aspirin or Ibuprofen unless you know you’ll have allergic reactions. Make sure you follow the directions on the bottle to prevent internal bleeding. You can also take Tylenol (acetominophen) to get more relief. But watch out for any signs of stomach ache.
What Are Some Alternative Treatment For Back Pain?
Some alternative treatments, if one doesn’t want pain pills, are acupuncture , massage, spinal decompression, CBD oil, essential oils, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) some forms of yoga, stand-up desks, and hydrotherapy.
What can be the result of hurting your back?
You may have a herniated(slipped) disk, in which the spongy interior part pokes through a tear in the disk’s tough outer ring. This happened to my mom.
What is a bulging disk?
A bulging disk is less serious, but of course still hurts, than a herniated disk,Although the disk’s interior is pushing against the outer ring, it hasn’t started to break through.
What is sciatica pain?
Sciatica pain is caused by disk pressing on the sciatica nerve in the lower back.It is often considered acute pain and can go away after several months of treatment.
When should i use ice?
Applying ice during the first 48 hours, and lie with something under your knees and lower back.
When Should I Use Heat?
After two days, switch from Ice to heat: take a hot shower or use a heating pad.
Should I Rest In Bed?
Stay out of bed. Too much bed rest, unless unavoidable, can increase the
length of recovery. Try to stay active.
What are the best exercise to prevent back pain?
Exercises that avoid putting pressure on the spine and at the same time strength the abdominal muscles.
What are bad exercises for the back?
Exercise that make you bend backwards.This can compress spinal disk and strain ligaments.
What Is Intractable Back Pain?
This is when a bony structure compress on a nerve, and often requires back surgery as the only option for relief.
What is acute back pain?
Acute back pain is pain that lasts less than three months
What is Chronic Back Pain
Chronic Back pain is pain that lasts more than three months
What are disk?
Disks act like shock absorbers between the vertebra. Unfortunately, they wear out over time.