1. Martha

    Hi, I read through the article and it was extremely helpful especially the lady’s about the regular sleep schedule.
    I’ve noticed I feel better when I’m well rested.

    • Hi Martha,

      We can all use more sleep. Unfortunately, most of us do to crazy work schedules don’t get enough sleep. That said, we should at least try to have a consist sleeping schedule. Your body preforms much better, studies show, when your sleep is kept at a regular schedule.

  2. Martha

    Oh, and also… I have a bit of a smoking problem.
    The article says that nicotine is a trigger, do you think patches could be an alternative to actual cigarettes?

    • Hi Martha,

      When using the patch you absorb less nicotine at a much slower rate than when smoking. Yes, I would say that patches could be an alternative to actual cigarettes. That said, remember that certain things may still trigger cravings, such as: places were you normally smoke, such as your house, work, or the pub.

  3. Neil

    Great Post! For me, if you want to avoid migraine, then avoid anything citrus too. I think they contain a chemical that can cause migraines. I stand to be corrected though.

    • Hi Neil,

      You are right! The combination of tyramine and histamine are thought to be the reason citrus fruit can be migraine triggers. But here’s something to consider also. Dried fruits, which some people will use as a substitute, contains sulfites.Sulfites are known to be migraine triggers. If migraines are a problem for you, it’s just smart to keep a journal(it doesn’t have to be a big deal) of the foods you eat and note the migraine episodes you experience and the level of intensity. For example, one may believe that since fruit is a problem maybe they should skip the fruit salad and grab a slice of pizza. However, the yeast in the crust of the pizza is also believed to be a migraine trigger. So it’s just best to arm yourself with good information.

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