1. ProlificAshley

    IF YOU’VE ever felt midday exhaustion sink in and reached for a candy bar, you know how welcome the quick jolt of energy is. You also know that soon afterward the sugar will cause a serious energy crash. The empty calories won’t do you much good, either. What do you think of dark chocolate? I hear it’s back in a big way and really good for you. Something that tastes good and is good. Can’t loose if the hype is true. Is it?

    • Hi Ashley,
      Here are some thoughts to consider about dark chocolate.
      Dark Chocolate
      If you’re really set on having a candy bar, choose one with dark chocolate for an energy kick that lasts without a sugar crash. “Dark chocolate is best because it contains cocoa butter, which helps the caffeine release more slowly and steadily over time,” says Christy Brissette, a Toronto-based nutritionist. “Choose a product with at least 70% cacao, which will have less added sugar.”

      Another option you can try for getting a boost that will last a while is eating Pistachios. Here are what some nutritionists are saying about Pistachios.
      These in-shell delights are an easy, satisfying snack. “Pistachios provide a wonderful combination of protein, fiber, and healthy fats to help you bring your A game,” says Amy Gorin, a nutritionist in Jersey City, NJ. “I like to munch on 100-calorie packs as an afternoon pick-me-up.” The individual portions will help you eat enough to refuel without overindulging. Fun fact: Pistachios’ striking green color comes from their antioxidants.

      There you have it.

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