1. Billy

    It is really an informative and useful article. I think my mother can benefit from it. I will bookmark it for my mom. My mother has chronic pain with her knees for a long time. At first, she took some medicine prescribed by the hospital. The pill worked only for one day. And, it failed later. Then, my mom went to try acupuncture for two weeks. Because acupuncture was expensive, my mom later did physical therapy on her own. Once she wakes up, she would stretch her knee. She has kept doing it for one year. Now, her knees recover continuously. The road to cure chronic pain is long. Patients have to be consistent and persistent. Hope people with chronic pain can recover soon.

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Billy,

      First, let me send my best wishes for your mother. My own mom suffers from chronic back pain, and that’s why I decided to create the web site. After doing a lot of research and reflecting on my own experience as a caregiver, I thought I needed to write a comprehensive article that would answer the many questions that my readers had about chronic pain. I am glad that you found it useful. Take care.

  2. andy

    Hello ThaboN, I had reviewed your articles from top to the bottom, is a very completed set with every explaining of therapy and treatment for different type of chronic pain. I personally wish to add some advice for those who is suffering from chronic pains never to drink or consume sour things because it will prolong the pain. This my personal opinion based on my experience.

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Andy,

      You have given me some very helpful information based on your experience. I thank you as this is the kind of feedback that others will find useful.

  3. Hello Thabo,

    Suffering from chronical pain must be very hard, physiologically and psychologically. I have had back pain for a longer period, due to wearing wrong shoes and standing long hours while working. After having bought better shoes the back pain disappeared slowly.

    Your article is filled with useful advice for people having severe pains. I have learned so many things by reading it. I have read much about health topics, but I wasn’t aware of that serotonin can get depleted because of lacking sleep and therefore can cause feelings of anxiety and depression.

    I wonder if Acupuncture can help the healing process or does it only help to treat the symptoms?


    • Hi Pernilla,
      Once seen as bizarre, acupuncture is rapidly becoming a mainstream treatment for pain.

      Studies have found that it works for pain caused by many conditions, including fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, back injuries, and sports injuries.

      How does it work? No one’s quite sure. It could release pain-numbing chemicals in the body. Or it might block the pain signals coming from the nerves. But it does seem to help the healing process and is becoming more and more accepted by medical professionals as a treatment for conditions that seem resistant to conventional therapy. I hope that helps. I’m glad that you enjoyed the article.


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