Emotions and lower back pain–perseverance

Emotions and lower back pain–perseverance

Emotions and lower back pain is a topic that is often not as well communicated as it should be. This is similar to people who say they don’t know how to do research. Yet, if you think about it, research is an attempt to discover something. This is something that we all do everyday.

We Know More Than We Think

Here are a few examples of how we all do research in our daily lives:

  1. Decide which clothes to put on that are appropriate for the day’s activities.
  2. Decide what time to leave the house to reach your destination on time
  3. Figure out the most direct route to your destination.

Yes, we may not be aware of all the technical aspects of scientific research. However, we all have the capacity to understand what research means. So without going into notions full of bells and whistles, let’s examine how we are all in a position to understand emotions and lower back pain.

Our Language Says it All

Just think about some of the phrases that you have heard people use to describe how emotions affect appearance. This might be familiar:

  • “He was so worried his hair turned gray overnight.”’
  • “His face was red with rage.”
  • “She was stooped over because of her depression.”

    Tips on managing anger

    A face red with rage

I could go on, but my point is that you get how emotions can impact on the physical.

Understanding The Chronic Experience

Years ago I worked as a member of a shipping crew for a sporting goods company. One day, as I was helping to unload the truck, I twisted something and was in pain for several weeks. The pain didn’t really disrupt my daily routine. It was just something that was annoying and, with treatment, it eventually went away. For some people, however, chronic lower back pain is more than an inconvenience. It’s always there. Simple activities, such as standing for more than ten minutes, or taking a walk, become major challenges.

tips on managing pain

Managing pain

Imagine Life in Pain

Imagine if all the things you do today could not be done without you suffering debilitating pain. It becomes easy to concentrate on what you can’t do rather than what you can do. It becomes easy to feel that you’re not in control of :

Your Environment

When you get up in the morning and it’s raining, what do you do? Well, you put a rain coat and you’re on your way. Not so fast, if you have lower back pain. The weather makes you feel worse.

Indeed, this feeling that one is not in control of his or her environment can lead to a sense of loss. One may feel that he or she is no longer the person they used to be. My mother, to illustrate, was a registered nurse. It didn’t go unnoticed by me that she was the energetic type who had two speeds: fast and faster.

The Slow Walk

Now, years later, she needs a cane to help support her when she walks. I know that she feels the loss of independence. I can see it when we walk together. She’s frustrated that I have to slow down so she can catch up.

Catching Up and Persevering

It’s hard for people suffering from daily pain to focus on their  assets  and not liabilities. Yet, that’s exactly what they have to do in order to persevere. Let’s get back to my mother. She still has one of the best organized mind of any person I have ever known—perhaps it’s all that training she did as a nurse. In any case, when it comes to problem solving that involves organizing and time management, she’s top notch. Her ability to help others become better focused individuals has helped those people successfully handle financial, personal, and family issues.

Understanding The Whole Human Being

Perseverance in the midst of daily pain comes from understanding that we are all defined not only by our liabilities but also by our skills. A math wiz, even with a bad back, doesn’t lose his or her ability to teach us the basic rules of statistics.  Emotions and lower back pain can best be understood when one realizes that his or her unique skills also makes them who they are. We can help loved ones achieve that realization by showing them how we appreciate the value that they bring to our lives every day.

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