1. Martha

    Great post.
    This is an option that most people dismiss out of hand.
    I stands to reason that if a particular occupation causes or exacerbates pain, it should be stopped.
    Or at least done with reduced frequency.

    • Hi Marha,

      Unfortunately some people will risk their health to hold on their dream job. I can understand the pride that goes with doing something that really speaks to who you are as a person and makes full use of your talents. You can’t help but feel valuable and needed. The thought of that going away seems unthinkable. The problem is that if your dream job exacerbates your pain, you could spend the rest of your life in misery. This is the warning that I am trying to give. But it’s not all gloom and doom, not by a long shot. One can renew his or her passion for things that matter. This post is about how one does that and achieve success.

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