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8 Health Equipments That Will Help You Stand

   8 Health Equipments That  Will Help You  Stand

As our body ages, we become effete, feeble and standing becomes more like a mile journey. Things can be even more challenging if you also suffer from chronic back pain. Technology has changed everything in the modern era. Old age is no longer to be feared and senescence is to be embraced. Thanks to all forms of molecular biology and health equipments, life is more interesting. With orthopedic beds, adjustable beds and neuromodulation devices, standing up even with back pain is made easy. Here are 8 standing aids that help achieve independence when standing up or sitting on a couch, a bed, and how they are used.

1. Standers Bed Cane

This health equipments help support movement in and out of the bed. To use this, hold the cane with one or both hands and use as a support to sit straight. This aid comes with a pocket to store handy items, can be used on either side of the bed and can be adjusted to fit the height of the mattress.

This Photo Shows a Woman using a Bed Cane for Support
A woman Uses a Bed Cane to Transfer Out of Bed
This is a photo of a Bed Cane
Photo of Bed Cane

The Bed Cane Transfer Handle by Stander provides a stable support to help make getting in and out of a bed easier. People with arthritis who have difficulty with bed mobility or transferring out of bed will find the wide cushion grip handle comfortable to hold.

Customer Feedback

Most respondents would recommend the stander bed cane to a friend. They felt it gave them bedroom independence, allowing the person to pull themselves upright  to a full sitting position. Those that suffered from leg injuries felt that the bed cane helped them stay balanced and prevented falls getting in and out of bed. Some used  it on both sides of the bed to prevent rolling of the bed.

2. Super Pole System with SuperBar

This secure standing and sitting aid also aids little movements. It has a SuperBar that is horizontal on the Super Pole system and is used as a transfer option for individuals that require moderate assistance to take little steps. This is installed vertically between ceiling and floors with no requirement for a structural enforcement, comes with a grab bar that automatically locks when released to prevent you from falling. The Super Pole system is easy to use, involves you holding the Pole to support standing up and SuperBar for small movements.

This is a Photo of a Woman Using a Super Pole With Grab Bar to Support Her as She Gets Out of Bed
Woman Using a Super Pole With Grab Bar

Customer FeedBack

Most customers  appreciated  the fact that it replaced the aid usually associated with a nursing home. Think about it. One of the big issues that drive people to nursing  homes is the inability  to pull themselves up from their easy chair or toilet. Well the Super Pole with SuperBar eliminates the nursing home. It allows:

Ease of use – no reaching, stretching or twisting required.

Flexible – more compact than a walker in small restricted areas such as washrooms.

Versatile – can pivot in narrow areas such as between bed and wall, narrow hallways, etc.

Bed Application – allows weight shift, moving, standing, leaving or getting into bed, or transfer to wheelchair, walker or bedside commode.

Bathtub Application – provides complete support for step-over without reaching for wall bars. The SuperBar can pivot away from shower curtains, allowing them to fully close during a shower.

Toilet Application – permits pulling up to standing and can provide leaning support while managing clothing.

Check this for more information on the use of a super bar.

3. Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail

Just like the Stander bed cane, only that this provides extra protection from falling from the bed when sleeping as this tool can extend up to 42″ in length. This device is to prevent falling out of bed as well as for transfers out of bed. It is easy to use, install and can be attached to any home or hospital bed.

Customer FeedBack

This rail got kudos for also making the life of a caregiver  a whole lot easier.

4. Stander Bed Rail Advantage Travel

This provides extra support with a cushion grip handle to make getting out of bed safe. It is strong and reliable which is secured with a foam grip to provide a comfortable foam grip. Like the first, it requires a cushion grip on the handle which is used as a support. It is foldable in case you need to travel with it. It comes with a pocket to store handy items and provides fall protection.

A Photo Showing a Woman Demonstrating How to use The Bed Rail Advantage
How The Bed Rail Advantage Works

Customer Feedback

People found it awesome that they could travel with a rail, adding to their  independence beyond  home.

5. Stander EZ adjustable pivoting Bed Rail

This is a unique stander. The stander features an adjustable pivoting bed rail. This not only aids getting up from bed but also secures the caregiver by providing a better fall protection and supports small movements from the bed.

Customer Feedback

Most customers found  this rail a good value. They thought it wasn’t priced too high and did an effective job of preventing elderly loved ones from falling.

6. Standers Assist-A-Tray Standing Aid With Tray

Unlike the others that help support you to stand up from a bed, this equipment is designed to provide help to caregivers sitting. This aid is uniquely designed to suite the home furniture as it comes with a swivel tray for eating and reading which can be moved out of the way when not in use. This aid can be easily assembled and is used by providing pressure on the grip to lift yourself up.

Photo of a woman Demonstrating How to Use The Assist Tray Standing Aid to Get Up Safely From a Couch
How to Use The Assist Tray Standing Aid to Get of a Sofa

Customer Feedback

A lot of people loved the fact that The Assist-A-Tray works well with most any couch, chair, recliner, or lift chair.

7. Smart-Rail System Bed Rail

This bed rail system does not only help support standing but also support small movements as it can pivot outward. This system can also be locked or unlocked with the use of a latch. Unlocking the latch provides caregivers fall protection.

This system is easily installed by inserting the support frame between box spring and mattress. It is not to be used on a wet floor, with electric or hospital styled beds. It is mainly designed for moderate assists for standing and sitting.

Customer Feedback

It comes in handy and is appreciated  by  those that need a little extra help standing, moving and transferring in and out of bed

8. Standers Bed Caddie Pull Strap

This aid helps people to up in bed. It has a ladder-like design (which is secured around the foot of the bed with an adjustable clip that) that enables persons with weak back to pull themselves up with the aid of a cushion grip.

A Woman Demonstrates How to Use The Bed Caddie
How to Use The Bed Caddie

Customer Feedback

People with arthritis who have general weakness or decreased back strength will found the Bed Caddie helpful to pull themselves up to a sitting position in bed.

The great thing about these devices are that they are readily available for purchase and at that for a little price on Amazon with a secure delivery.






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There you have it. No matter what type of balance problem you are experiencing  there’s a solution. Here are the 8 health equipments that will help you stand and take out the anxiety of rolling of your bed or pulling yourself up from your easy chair or toilet. That said, if you are suffering from an ailment or injury or are taking medications that affect your balance or ability to stand or sit down, you should first consult with a physician before using these products. If the products are not used properly, serious injury or harm could result.

Still, would having more control in your life help you?

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