1. Arielle

    I am one of those unfortunate people who got their butt kicked by the flu. It really sucked. Thank God I’m feeling a lot better. Your post, though, made me think about what it would be like if there was no end to the horrible feeling I had. I know it’s not the same as having relentless pain that must make some days feel like hell. But I think I got a sense of what it would feel like if every day you felt so exhausted and drained that doing even the simplest thing took a lot out of you.

    It has made me more emphatic to pain sufferers than before. But as you have so cleverly demonstrated, one doesn’t have to get a bout of the flu to learn to be more emphatic to our fellow human beings who experience daily pain every day. Now once we have the empathy we can appreciate your suggestions on how those pain sufferers with our help–I like the idea of being part of a posse to help out a friend who may not be sure if his or her pain won’t flare up–can still enjoy a social life.

    • Hi Arielle,
      I just got over a nasty bout of the flu myself. Yap, it wasn’t fun. I want to thank you for your heart felt comment. I think something like chronic pain can be a tricky thing for non-sufferers to deal with because we can’t see it the way we can see a scar. Yet, make no mistake. The emotional scars can be even more devastating for the pain sufferer. This may cause them to withdraw and live in isolation. This is the last thing that they should do. It’s up to non-pain sufferers to help them engage in a satisfying social life. This post was a way of doing my small part.

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