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How to fix Bad Posture by Wearing A Shirt

How to Fix Bad Posture by Wearing A shirt

Product: AlignMed Posture Shirt

Price: $95.00

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Warranty: Check with Vendor

Rating: 9 out of 10


This post was inspired by a friend  who needed a posture correcting shirt to stop his back pain. More about the product a little later. first, here is the story that made me seek an answer to my friend’s problem.

A Welder in Need of Back Pain Relief

My friend Chuck thinks computers are demonic devices designed to make his life miserable. You see, he is a welder and for a long time he had no problem getting good jobs based on word of mouth. Chuck was as comfortable using heat  and metal as a great sculptor is using stone and chisel.

Tips on back pain relief
A Welder in need of back Pain relief

He could meticulously take rusted, jammed, ball busting, nerve wrecking, hanging pieces of metal and forge them into something useful and I dare say sometimes inspiring.  Yeah, the guy was really good at his job. The one thing  he was not good at was computers. “ I suck at this”, he once told me as  I helped him do a job search on line. “There was a time when I didn’t need this computer shit to get a job. “

When A Man Was His Word

I nodded because I knew what  he was talking about. He did’t have to spell it out. It used to be that with a lot of the locals in town a man like Chuck, with years of experience  as welder, could just talk to the hiring manager and easily land a job. However, now everything  was online. This didn’t only play to his discomfort  with technology but also rubbed him of his chance to make a human connection—Because as they say, to know Chuck was to love him.

Facing A Changing World

Anyway, Chuck got better at computers, even though  he still considers them devices from hell. I’m happy to say he is still welding away. However, the one thing that Chuck never got rid off was his bad posture from all that twisting and bending his body in awkward positions. This has led to his back pain which he has nick named after “Some dame that broke my heart”, he told me once after I saw him grimacing as he got out of his pick up truck to greet me. Well, that was Chuck. “Man, Linda is really hurting me today”, he said.

I asked if he uses seat cushions, and he said he does. “It helps if I remember to seat straight, but sometimes I forget. You know, you are in traffic. You got guys blowing the horn, cutting this way and that way. You just find yourself forgetting to seat straight.”

People like my friend  Chuck need something to remind them to have good posture. However, they may not want a device  that vibrates to tell them to sit straighter. They need to naturally end up sitting straighter for the sake of comfort.

Here is were  the Align Med Posture Shirt comes in.

Tips on how a posture shirt works
How a Posture shirt works

According to the manufacture, AlignMed  Posture shirt is  a breakthrough, FDA registered posture garment that can help you Improve posture and relieve back pain.


The Problem With Bad posture

Here’s something that really blew my mind. The information  came by way of celebrity doctor  Mehmet OZ. According to the good doctor, slouching can add around 100 pounds of stress on the lower back. He adds that people who also like to slouch are adding around 10 pounds of stress on the spine for every inch that their head drops forward.

As I said  in a previous post about posture correction,  in thinking about this product one may want to consider the following questions:

1 Is its best quality in doing something better than what similar products are already doing in the market?

2 Is its best quality in doing something unique when compared to similar products?

3 Are there many alternatives you could use?

4 Are there a few alternatives

5 Would you strongly agree that this is a product that will improve posture and train the back to keep good posture?

Sometimes all a product needs to do to be valuable  is to do a more efficient  job than the competition. With that, let’s take a look at what the competition actually  does

Intelliskin Foundation Shirt

What it is: The Intelliskin Foundation Shirt shirt unites the compression fitted t-shirt and Kinesio taping in a patented PostureCue Technology that  signals your posture and core muscles to switch on–aligning your shoulders, spine, and trunk.

Tips on Kinesio Taping
How Kinesio Taping Works

Stimuli  On The Skin


According to its creator, Dr. Tim Brown,

Here is Tim Brown
Tim Brown


a chiropractor with a long history in kineso taping, poor quality of movement leading to muscle imbalances which in turn lead to injury including back problems. PostureCue  stimulates body skin to hold body in a better more efficient mechanical position. Works with body to correct its own imbalance.

How it works: Working as your intelligent second skin, IntelliSkin cues your body’s natural ability to support itself in the most efficient manner by improving posture and alignment. PostureCue Technology signals posture and core muscles to switch on and align your shoulders, spine, and trunk.

How Does  The AlignMed  Posture Shirt work Compared to The Competition?

According to the creator,

Here is Bill Schultz
Bill Schultz

Bill Schultz , the posture shirt from AlignMed was designed to help give you better posture by encouraging different muscles to activate in the back. This in turn lines up the back, shoulder, and neck joints, giving the wearer a better overall posture.

Body Molds itself to Right Position

AlignMed pulls back your shoulder in proper alignment. Gets your joint back in alignment. Its touch tension technology activates muscle movement. Body molds itself into proper adjustment. Thus the wearer should feel his or her body wanting to hold itself correctly, after some use, without having to constantly remind themselves of their  posture. Thus, people  have to do nothing more than wear the shirt to correct their back.

Avoiding The Negatives of  The Brace

A common complaint  about posture braces is that wearing one for a long time can cause your core muscles to weaken as you become more dependent  on the extra support provided by the brace.Most wearers of intelliskin say it feels more like a compression shirt than a postural brace. So it has none of the negatives of a brace but its PostureCue  technology  can stimulate  the body to a better posture. This would seem to have an edge on the AlignMed Posture shirt.

However, A big selling point for the posture shirt is that , according to its creator,  stops the weakness of the core often associated with long term use of braces from occurring. How? The posture  shirt causes muscle  stimulation to correct your posture rather than applying any kind of force.  The posture shirt works by stimulating certain muscles with NeuroBands in order to cause them to contract and release properly to correct the wearer’s alignment. So far, both Intelliskin  and AlignMed  effectively eliminate the atrophying effect that braces can have on the core.

That said, remember that it advantageous for people, especially athletes like runners, to speed up recovery time or muscle healing after injury.

In a Sport Techie  interview, Schultz says that AlignMed’s goal “is to both prevent athletes from injury and to help an athlete come back from injury faster, by really perfecting his posture, which is relevant to his form and joint alignment throughout the body.” 1

Thus, in helping athletes come back from injuries, often associated with bad posture, faster we can say the AlignMed has an edge over Intelliskin. We can say AlignMed’s  best quality  is in doing something better than what similar products are already doing in the market.

Is There Something Unique About AlignMed?

Are There Many Alternatives to AlignMed

Dr. Christian Gonzalez, the President of the American Academy for Pain states: “ if patients wear this at the early stages of neck and back pain, the shirt alone could prevent the deterioration of their posture enough that Parkinson’s and MS wouldn’t be an issue for some patients anymore. Their posture would be corrected and kept in check before it even got to that stage.” 2

The fact that in some cases the AlignMed shirt is not only a treatment but can serve as a preventive measure  for serious conditions of posture deterioration  makes it Unique.  We can now say its  its best quality is in doing something unique when compared to similar products

Are There Many Alternatives to AlignMed Shirt?

I would say there are dozens of posture corrector shirts out there, but I think few use the same principal of  Kineso taping the way AlignMed and Intelliskin does.

Are There Few alternatives?

Not really. Intelliskin seems , at this point, to be the only true competition when talking about similar design and mission. As I said earlier, both Intelliskin and AlignMed use technology that teaches the body to adopt a correct posture. They also prevent the effects of muscle  atrophy can occur as a result of wearing braces for a long time.

Would I strongly Agree That The AlignMed Shirt  Will Improve Posture and Train The Back to Keep Good Posture?

Yes, I would Agree.

Who Would Use AlignMed Shirt?

Anyone who needs a good posture. This can range from desk workers  to teens with “text necks” to people with active lifestyles. Athletes wanting to enhance their  performance or speed up recovery from posture related injuries. Also, people like my friend  Chuck who would want nothing more to do than  just wear the shirt. No straps or electronic gizmos for him.

How Has It Helped?

The AlignMed shirt has been featured on Good Morning America as well as in several publications such as Good House Keeping Magazines. It has also endorsed by numerous athletes and recommended by over 1,400 physicians.  It also has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.  As I said earlier, the AlignMed shirt was stands out not only in treating such conditions as back pain, but also deterioration  of the  posture because of ailments like Parkinson. Here is a review that reinforces the point.

5.0 out of 5 stars

A great product!

ByNOLAon July 16, 2017

Size: X-Large

Color: White

Verified Purchase

A great product!! I have Parkinson and recently had a stroke. My body was always trying to bend over and I constantly had to fight to keep my self stand upright. The shirt constantly gently pulls your body to a good posture position which is upright and shoulders back. It is a wonderful aid to help me stand upright. As a matter of fact I have it on now. I highly recommend it!!!!

Product Features

•CORRECT BAD POSTURE – Perfect for correcting, maintaining, and preserving proper posture for increased mobility, range of motion, pain reduction, and enhanced performance

•PURPOSE BUILT – The Original Posture Shirt is anatomically constructed with tension panels called NeuroBands that activate and stimulate specific muscle groups and joints to keep the body upright

•FEATURES – All our mens posture shirts feature vented POWERMESH panels, moisture wicking fabric, NEUROBAND technology and anti-microbial protection

•BENEFITS – Pain management for shoulders and spine, improved alignment, improved core activation, improved shoulder mechanics, improved blood flow to upper extremities, increased upper body strength, increased oxygen intake, accelerated healing and decreased wear and tear on joints

•CARE – These shirts are constructed from 83% Polyester and 17% Spandex. Machine wash cold with like colors and air dry, do not iron

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▪Clinically tested – Tested and proven. There’s no denying scientific evidence.

▪Physician recommended – The manufacturer claims that 1,400 physicians have used or have recommended this product.

▪Functional – Works by stimulating and retraining your core muscles, not by providing 100% support.

▪Comfortable – Becomes comfortable once accustomed to wearing.


▪Breathable – Unlike cotton, the material does not hold on to moisture.

▪Relieves pain

▪Wearable – Can be worn alone or under clothing.

▪Versatile – Can be used in the office, gym, playing sports, while driving – just about anywhere.

▪It works!


▪Adjustment period – Takes a day or two to adjust if you are not accustomed to wearing tight clothing.

▪Smell – Spandex smells funky, especially if you don’t wash it for 3 days.

▪Expense – While well worth the $100 investment, this may be out of range for those on a tight budget.

Why I Recommend The AlignMed Posture Shirt

As most of my regular readers know, am a caregiver for a mother  who suffers from chronic back pain. Her courage, struggles, and perseverance inspired me to create a website that offers solutions and tips to people like my mom. I also ran track in high school and continue to be interested  in running related injuries—not only how to treat and prevent them but also the different strategies  runners and other athletes  use to speed up recovery from an injury. I questioned  whether some strategies such as using ice baths are counterproductive.

In any case, the  AlignMed shirt  really spoke to my interests in the area of back pain relief and injury recovery. I recommend the shirt because I believe it can help you whether you have back pain due to bad posture or you simply want to speed up, in a responsible way, your recovery from an injury.


Some of you may still favor the Intelliskin Foundation shirt over the AlignMed Posture shirt. That’s fine. This is not really a case of good and less good. It’s more a preference  based on the belief that in the area of pain management  the AlignMed shirt may do a better job. That said, there’s much to recommend intelliskin foundation shirt as a great product for correcting posture problems. In other words it was a very close call. They are both fine products. You’ll have to decide which is best for you.

As always, understand that nothing I say is a substitute  for doctors advise. Always practice due diligence.

Learn how to have less pain in your life and become more productive with AlignMed Posture Shirt .   


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I like to hear from the readers so please leave me a comment below to let me know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.



2 ibid

Amazon Affiliates Disclosure is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain images that appears on this site comes from Amazon Services LLC. Amazon. This content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time.

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How to Fix Your Posture Problem With UpRight Trainer

How to Fix Your Posture Problem With UpRight Trainer

Product: Upright  Pro Posture Trainer

Price: $129.95

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Warranty: 90 days

Rating: 9 out of 10


We all need to understand how to fix our  posture problem. As I said in a previous post about bloggers and long term sitting, “Whether it’ѕ lower bасk раin, wrist раin, a really tight nесk, оr a lасk оf mobility, when wе spend аll dау аt a desk tо рау the billѕ, our bodies оftеn get stuck рiсking up the tаb.”

The main reason for this is bad posture.

Consider these facts:


of U.S workers sit for the entire workday.

Sitting all day increases the risk of obesity, musculoskeletal problems and diabetes.


more than half of Americans who experience low back pain spend the majority of theirworkday sitting.



leaning forward 30 degrees in an attempt to get closer to the computer screen puts 3 to 4 times more strain on the back [1]

In that post I offered tips on how bloggers could stay healthy despite sitting for hours. If you recall I said one of the most important things was not to sit in the same position upon hours. I even spoke about a “focus boost” device that pings every 20 minutes to let you know that you should get up and do something.

The problem however is that a lot of people are not in a position  where they can break up their daily sitting. Truck drivers, for example, can’t just stop driving every 20 minutes and take a break. Not only would they miss deadlines but they would risk  their  jobs with supervisors who are constantly monitoring their schedules. I know. I used to work at a warehouse and spoke often with drivers who felt pressured to meet a grueling  schedule.

The Pain of Bad Posture

Tips on bad posture
How bad posture effects you


Tips on Back Pain at Work
Back Pain at Work

Take a conversation I had with Walt,  a long distance truck driver. Now this chap is quite a funny guy. “Hey, Thabo, look at those  fancy wheels,” he said one day. He then pointed to a sleek red convertible. “Man if I had a car like that I wouldn’t put it out in public. I’d find the tallest building in town and put it on the roof. Then I’d put a cage around it. Downstairs I’d build a mote and fill it with crocodiles.”

I shook my head. Walt could find humor in almost anything. The one thing that was not funny, however, was the pain in the neck that  he kept getting after long days on the road. “ I have a bad habit of leaning forward when I am driving,” he told me. “This is horrible posture. Seems like my body is saying ‘you SOB better stop that twisting or I’ll keep giving you monster headaches’. So when I remember, I sit back and keep my head close to the head rest while driving. The problem is that most times I’m inconsistent. I get distracted.

What people like Walt need is a “system  that relieves the pain associated with poor posture while training proper posture”. [2]

Correcting Bad Posture

Tips on correcting bad posture
Correcting bad posture

For someone like Walt this would mean getting a device aimed at correcting bad posture and putting the back in a position  that puts less stress on the lower lumbar area. The aim is that by “teaching “ the driver better posture it will make sitting for long periods of time easier  while at the same time helping the core muscles to get stronger. A strong core makes it easier to support the back.

Here is where the the The UPRIGHT PRO Posture Trainer comes in.


According to its creators,  UPRIGHT is a wearable that trains you to improve your posture.  It comfortably attaches to your back and vibrates when you slouch. UPRIGHT only needs to be worn between 5mins to an hour a day to train your body into healthier postural habits.

In thinking about this product one may want to consider the following questions:

  1. Is its best quality in doing something more effective than what similar products are already doing in the market?
  2. Is its best quality in doing something unique when compared to similar products?
  3. Are there many alternatives you could use?
  4. Are there a few alternatives
  5. Would you strongly agree that this is a product that will improve posture and train the back to keep good posture?

Doing Something More Effective Than The Competition 

Sometimes one doesn’t have to, excuse the cliché, to reinvent the wheel to have a useful product that provides a solution to a problem. One needs to only make the wheel work better. So in examining the main mission of the Upright, correcting posture, let’s see if it’s big benefit is simply that it does the  most effective job than what’s out there.

What The Competition Does?

1. Lumo Lift

What it is: Lumo Lift  is a small, magnetic device that you wear on your shoulder. It tracks your posture and activity, coaching you to sit and stand tall by gently vibrating whenever you’ve been sitting with bad posture for too long. According to it’s makers, the device’s unique biomechanic motion sensors have the ability to track your posture and activity levels throughout the day for progress tracking via the Lumo Lift app.


2. I Posture

What it is: The iPosture utilizes a sophisticated accelerometer to detect even small changes in posture. The device can be worn clipped to a bra strap or shirt or adhered directly to the skin. It continuously measures the angle of your upper back and vibrates when you are slouching.


3. Alex

What it is: ALEX is a smart wearable device that encourages good posture habits by measuring the angle of the neck. If a user’s neck bends too far into a “poor posture angle”, ALEX will gently vibrate to alert the user to correct their posture


Having looked at how the other wearable posturer  trainer work, we can note that:

UPRIGHT is the only posture wearable that attaches directly to your back to get the most precise measurements. This makes it more sensitive and thus gives you more accurate  feedback.

Thus we can conclude that indeed a best quality is that it does a better job than what others are already doing.

How Unique is the Upright Pro?

It’s pretty simple actually – placement, technology, and methodology.

Placement: Upright is  the only device attaching to your spine, allowing its sensors to capture the movement of your back where it actually happens.

Technology: Upright uses an advanced learning algorithm that analyzes your movement to provide the most accurate feedback – which affects how fast you can learn and change your habit of slouching.

Methodology: The app provides a personalized training program that guides you through the journey of improving your posture.

Thus, I would say Upright Pro’s best quality is doing something unique  when compared to its competitors.

Are There  Many Alternatives That You Could Use?

I would say, apart from the wearables mentioned above, I found other cutting edge posture correctors. Some encompassed breathing to train your body into sitting properly. Others were wrist band sensors like Zikto Arti which according to its website has “developed a unique algorithm that measures slight imbalances in your walking posture. By tracking your natural arm swings through a series of sensors it sends vibrating “reminders” when bad walking postures are detected and records them for in-depth analysis.”

That said, I would not conclude  that there are many alternatives to the Upright.

Are There a Few alternatives? Yes, and I have listed some.

Would I strongly agree that the Upright Pro will improve posture and train the back to keep good Posture. Yes, I do.

Who Would Use UpRight Pro?

According to the manufacture:

The UPRIGHT PRO is a posture trainer that you can wear while sitting or standing. It has two built in sensors, and you can place this on your lower or your upper back. You can track your progress while following a personalized training program.

This means it can be used by:

  • Office workers
  • Truckers
  • Policeman
  • Retail Workers
  • Health care workers
  • Bloggers

How Has it Helped?

UPRIGHT is the only posture trainer developed from day one with experts in the field of posture and back pain, from chiropractors to leading back surgeons.

UPRIGHT is being used in health clinics around the world to help people’s posture, quickly and effectively.

The PRO is also currently being used by professional chiropractors!

How it Works


It comes with a few months’ supply of self adhesive Velcro tabs.



The  back has a built in black Velcro-like strip. Then you take one of the squares they include and stick it to the unit. You should use an alcohol wipe to clean the oils from your skin.

The adhesive they use is medical grade and leaves absolutely zero residue on your skin.

You just put the Velcro to Velcro, and place it in the middle lower part of your back.


You pair it with your phone via Bluetooth and the free app. Then before each use, you calibrate it.

It tells you to sit up straight while it reads your back, then it tells you to slouch so it can get that reading too.

While training, when you slouch, it vibrates until you sit upright. It builds muscles and awareness.

Product Features

Corrects posture

Improve your posture within 2-3 weeks of training with Upright and building muscle memory.

Strengthen Your Core

The program will strengthen your core muscles, allow your to stand and sit with good posture for long periods.

Individualized training

You can train with Upright while at work or at home as a part of your day-to-day life.

Natural solution

Upright trains you by gently vibrating when you slouch to quickly build muscle memory over a short time period.

Track your progress

Meet daily goals on a personalized training program on the free Upright app for iOS and Android devices.

Benefit From good posture

Good posture can increases your productivity and can decrease your back and neck pain.

Recommended by physicians and chiropractors

For decreasing back pain and increasing productivity.


▪The UPRIGHT Posture Trainer helps correct posture through reminder vibrations rather than a constricting back brace.

▪The trainer can be applied directly to the lower back, making it one of the most discreet posture correctors available.

▪The UPRIGHT app helps you monitor your posture throughout the day.


▪Though meant to solve posture problems from sitting or standing position, it seems to work best mainly when sitting.

▪If you drop something you need to make sure you’re not in the training mode  when bending to pick it up or you’ll get zapped.

Why I Recommend The UpRight Pro

I think the fact that it’s recommended by physicians and chiropractor is a big selling point for me. Keep in mind that medical professionals are often skeptical of using products that seem to offer non-medical solutions to what are considered medical and health problems. As a trained researcher, I often go to the source  whenever possible. I asked a friend of mine who is a physical  therapist what her thoughts are on the UpRight Pro. “ I love it,” she said. “ There’s nothing that can totally fix your posture problem. Life isn’t that easy. But this thing really goes a long way in helping people  fix their  back issues.”

That said, the information on this post is not a substitute for medical advice.

Fix Your Back Problem Once and For All,  Upright  Pro Posture Trainer


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I like to hear from the readers so please leave me a comment below to let me know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.



Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week. (June 20, 2015): p2157.

Amazon Affiliates Disclosure is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain images that appears on this site comes from Amazon Services LLC. Amazon. This content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time.


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How to Use a Biosensor Tattoo to Prevent Tragedy

How to Use a Biosensor Tattoo to Prevent Tragedy

How to use a biosensor tattoo to prevent tragedy is something that I have been thinking about  lately. I suppose it’s connected to my overall interest in how technology can be used to make people healthier and safer. This time my particular concern with the latest break through in technology and health has to do with my witnessing the demise of a friend’s dream because of alcoholism years ago.

Tips on how to stop drinking
How to stop drinking

When I was in college I had a friend, Greg, who was an alcoholic. Like  most alcoholics, Greg never admitted  to himself  that he had a problem until it shattered his life.  Greg came from a modest background but still  managed to earn a scholarship to one of the top colleges in the country. While the rest of us struggled to get good grades, He breezed through his classes. There was no “freshman blues” for this English Lit genius. He could  easily have a conversation with you on the greatness of John Milton’s Paradise Lost.


A moment later he could discuss each meaning of the circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno.


He ended the first semester  with a 4.00 GPA . Considering that this was a school where professors with long years of service could still count the number of A’s they had given, this was quite an accomplishment. However, it didn’t take long for the booze to win out.


Certain images are forever forged in one’s memory when it comes to pain or love

Such was this day when I met Greg at our favorite college hangout.The room was  full of overlapping   dialogue  like a scene from a Robert Altman film. And if you don’t know,  those kind of movies often deal  with the uncomfortable realism of life— like the first time you see a friend cry.

Here is what it was like for me. Some of the tears got on Greg’s mouth  and  he trembled a bit   as if the salt landing on his lips were a cruel reminder of his sad state. Greg showed me his transcript of the last semester of freshman year. All the A’s were replaced by F’s and he had flunked out of school.

It was hard to fight back my own tears. No, I didn’t feel a “hole in My soul” and my guts didn’t turn  to ice  or anything of that sort. I can only tell you that I felt the kind of empathy  one experiences when watching a friend  in pain.  I ‘m sure  you know what I mean.  Anyway, I said my goodbye to Greg. I could only hope that he would finally get the help he needed.

How Technology Can Help People Like Greg

As You can imagine, I was thrilled to find out how an experimental wearable device could help one know whether he or she had too much to drink. If a device like that had been around when Greg had his drinking problem, perhaps it could have saved him from flunking out of college and all the challenges that came afterward.

According to senior science reporter, Seth Augenstein, “Engineers from the University of California, San Diego in La Jolla – with funding from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) – have created what is basically a wearable sensor that detects alcohol levels   in your perspiration and then sends that information to your smartphone.” [1]


Wearable tattoo sends alcohol levels to your cell phone

In explaining how the technology works, Seila Selimovic, Ph.D., director of the NIBIB Program in Tissue Chips, stated in a press release, that the device    resembles a temporary tattoo but it’s actually a “biosensor patch  that is embedded with several flexible wireless components.” [2]

tips on using biosensor tattoo
Using Biosensor Tattoo on the shoulder


Tips on using biosensor tattoo
Using biosensor tattoo on the arm

“One component releases a chemical that stimulates perspiration on the skin below the patch. Another component senses changes in the electrical current flowing through the generated sweat, which measures alcohol levels and sends them to the user’s cell phone.” [3]

The phone could then alert the user that it’s not safe to drive

Other Alternatives to The Wearable  Sensor

According to Bevin Fletcher, contributing editor  and science writer for Bioscience Technology, “While other sensors have been created that monitor alcohol levels through sweat, they utilize insensible sweat – which  is sweat that occurs before it’s actually observed as perspiration on the skin, and these results can take up to two hours.  Another problem with available systems is that they are not portable or wearable.”[4]

There is of course good reason to stop people from driving while drunk. The Center  for Disease Control and Prevention reports about 88,000 people in the U.S. die each year from alcohol-related causes, and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 9,900 are killed in drunk driving crashes.

So this is a suggest  scenario  of how the device would work in real life. Your friend, perhaps someone like Greg, is a problem drinker. He keeps guzzling one too  many out at a bar. “ But just a few minutes after taking that drink, the person’s cell phone buzzes – telling them to have a glass of water instead of ordering another.”[5]

Here is The Gist. A technology which is designed  to cut down levels of deaths and injuries due to drunk driving, has the added benefit  of enabling a problem drinker to be proactive in monitoring  their alcohol  level. By taking the stigma  out and making it less burdensome, the wearable monitor  promises  to be more effective than breathalyzers utilized by law enforcement  today.


Congratulations, dear reader, you just discovered the new exciting technology that is non-invasive and can help monitor your alcohol  intake. This will make it less likely that you’ll end up in a car crash  or become reckless with your health and future. However, at this point you may be wondering what happened to Greg.

Let me share with  you a  surprising end to this story.   Greg got a second chance. He, after a hard struggle and with the support of loved ones, now lives a productive  and happy life.

And with that, let me just encourage you to get the word out right away about this biosensor tattoo and similar devices to help problem drinkers. Let’s do all we can to support our friends who may be going through  a very rough time and see no hope. I like to hear from the readers so please leave me a comment below to let me know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.

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I like to hear from the readers so please leave me a comment below to let me know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.


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