1. James

    Thanks for the wonderful information. Please, can anyone give me an advice please.
    I currently have this severe back pain which I have been struggling with for most of my life but it seems its getting worse everyday. I see an Osteopath every 2 months to sort my muscles out and that releases some tension but now i feel that my problem lies deeper with my spine. Please can someone help?

    • Thabo

      Hello James,

      Non Surgical spinal decompression and massage therapy may work if your pain is muscle related. However, as you suspect, your pain may be related to nerve damage, perhaps Sciatica. You need a specialist to make a full diagnosis. He or she may require not just an X-Ray but an MRI report to conclusively decide if the cause behind the pain is related to any kind of obstruction of, or pressure on, the sciatic nerve. My mother suffers from severe back pain which was diagnosed as a herniated disk. This why I created my web site to reach out and help people under stress and pain. I truly wish you the best.

  2. Kim

    I’ve been experiencing back pain at my left hand side for the last couple of days now. Before that, I visited the hairdresser’s and had to sit for about 6 hours, so I guess this is why. But I keep getting like shooting pains at the same side of my neck at the back. I never had the shooting pains before. Just wanted to know, is that normal?

    • Thabo

      Hi Kim,

      Most neck pain doesn’t mean there’s a serious problem to worry about. Still, you should get your symptoms checked out if you begin to feel numbness, weakness, or pain in your arms; if you experience unexpected weight loss or fever. If you experience non of these things, then all you may you need is to rest and then do some activities that will stop your neck from stiffening up. You can use a heat pack over the aching muscles, and you can also, with a doctor’s direction, take some muscle relaxants for a short time.

      For now, this is what I’d suggest the next time you’re at your computer: turn your chair to face your computer directly and adjust your chair so that the screen is at eye level. To see how this is done check my post at:


      I wish you the best.

  3. Harrison

    For the last 3 weeks now, I have been having back pain in my lower back that is now starting to spasm and hurt like mad when it grips me, I have tried the normal medications and the pain relieving gel applied to my back, which works for a time and then wears off. Hot baths also work but only for a short period of time.

    Any advice please?

    I have a doctors appointment again tonight (feel like a regular there now with one thing and another all happening at once)

    • admin

      Hi Harrison,

      I would review what you have done the last 3 weeks that was different from your normal routine. Did you, for example, move heavy objects. Having done that, I would go ahead and consult with your doctor. He or she can use x-rays and MRI scan and determine the best course of treatment. I wish you the best.


    • Kurt

      Hi Harrison,
      First of all let me say I’m sorry to hear you have back pain. I also had back pain for years, so I know what it’s like. I really don’t think it’s anything serious but as always, it is best to see a medical expert so I think you are doing the right thing seeing your doctor.

      The medical advice you’ll most likely get is to exercise. Just like yoga, other mind-body exercise like Tai Chi and Pilates, is good to improve your posture and help with your back pain. I would advice against using pain relief medications though.

  4. Charles

    Hi, I believe this is a great place to share my problem. I’ve been experiencing stubborn and painful knots in my back for a few months now. I’ve tried working on this with a ball and massage but that has only offered temporary relief. Sometimes, cracking my back relieves the pain, but the pain still returns the same day.
    Please, anyone who’s had knots before should share their helpful advice.

    • Thabo

      Hi Charles,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your pain. Normally I’d say using a heating pad could be a great short-term solution to relieve the back pain. However, it sounds like you might be dealing with some muscular imbalances. For a permanent solution, you’ll want to correct these imbalances with a combination of foam rolling and corrective exercise. You should consult a doctor to help you choose the right exercises. I wish you the best of luck.

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