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18 Adult Coloring Books to Relieve Stress

18 Adult Coloring Books to Relieve Stress

As I said in an  earlier post, coloring is not just for the kids anymore, and it is not just something that keeps the 10 and under set busy on a rainy afternoon. It is now what adults around the world are picking up. It is becoming the latest most popular trend among adults to get their stress under control and distract themselves from the daily pressures of life. Here is a list of adult coloring books that are sure to accommodate just the right mood. I’m sure you’ll find one that’s perfect for you. Happy drawing.

Releasing your Anger

Sometimes people in chronic pain have to deal with idiots. The kind of people who say things like ,” just pop a pill and pull yourself together”. Worse still, some  of those people think chronic pain sufferers are lazy. “You don’t look like you’re in pain”, they’ll say. If you’re dealing with such an idiot, you might be tempted to get into a screaming match. However, that will only add to you stress. The irreverent coloring books above offer a witty and fun way to let you express yourself. You can find quirky entertaining quips to suit your mood. They’ll crack you up, but they are definitely not for the kiddies. So please  keep them away from the kids. That said, these books can be used by anyone who has ever had someone upset them. Go ahead and dedicate a page to them, but remember  this is about lessening your stress. Ignore the instinct to send them the page.   Just have yourself a good laugh.

The Value of Faith

You might wonder why I would follow a bunch of irreverent coloring books with positive coloring books that can be used for the whole family. That’s a fair observation. Here’s the gist. Emotions play a big part in how well we manage our pain. Sometimes, as stated above, we just need to blow off steam; other times we need positive affirmations. If you’re looking to color with your kids, reduce anxiety, and find inspiration, the coloring books below are a good place to start. Studies have shown that faith is medically and psychologically beneficial. So if you’re seeking  wisdom combined in color or just a great way to unwind, check the books out.



The Value of Getting distracted

With the books below you get hours of stress relief through creative expression, and in the process you can distract yourself from pain. Whether it’s oceans, grasslands, fun animals, there’s plenty to keep you busy. You can even explore the “Secret Garden”–the book that started the adult color craze.



Go and Explore Different Worlds

I saved some of the best books for last. You can transport yourself  to a world of tropical landscapes or meet alluring mermaids. You can enter   the world of Thomas Kinkade–a painter of light. I have  visited a Thomas Kinkade  studio, and I can tell you first hand that his paintings are stunning. He covers everything from scenes of Star Wars to baseball legends in exquisite detail. I couldn’t pass on the Disney Dream Images. I think you’ll love them also.  Here’s your chance to see Alice in Wonderland and The Lion King in a beautiful new light. On the other hand, you might want to visit an underwater world hidden in the depths of the sea and look for  buried treasure. Hey, who knows what you’ll find. I mean if you can find pink elephants, never mind that people say there’s no such thing, you can find something neat in the ocean. The point is to let your mind go somewhere full of wonder, magic, and inspiration. Have a great journey.


Go somewhere full of wonder and escape your stress.



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